Annual Fundraising Draw 2024


Ballyduff Coursing Club Annual Fund Raising Draw details as per the ticket below. We thank everyone who has purchased a ticket so far and who continually support our club year in year out. It is very much appreciated.


  • Winner – €1000
  • Runner Up – €300
  • Beaten Semifinalists – €100 each

Draw takes place Saturday Feb 17th 2024. Good Luck!




Our Fundraising Money at Work

In 2022, Ballyduff Coursing Club decided to further improve its coursing stretch by draining the top section of the field as well as its escape. This work commenced in May 2022. Drains filled with pipe and stone were installed every ten feet. This section of the field was then ploughed, harrowed, levelled, destoned and laid out with a new grass seed. The seed used was a special mix specifically to withstand traffic in wet weather and to grow a thick sward to help cushion hares and greyhounds when running. The new sward was limed, fertilised and cut on a regular basis to ensure a healthy sward for coursing this November. A huge effort was made by the working members of the club to ensure the field was drained and seeded properly with particular attention to the removal of any stones left behind by the destoner.

Going forward, the sward will continue to improve as it settles and beds in based on the advice of the seed company’s horticulturalist. Ballyduff Coursing Club has spent in excess of €20,000 in the last two years on field improvements ranging from this drainage work to a new hare boxing area in the back run and a new false break. Given this significant
expenditure on ensuring high standards for the welfare of the hare and greyhound, the club is running a draw to help defray these costs. Ballyduff Coursing Club would kindly ask our coursing
friends to continue to support us by purchasing a ticket from a club member or via our website

Tickets cost €50 with a first prize of €1,000 to the winner and your support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you all at our annual meeting on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of November 2023.