Following decades of successful meetings in rented fields, the decision was made to purchase land to develop our own field. In 2002, we purchased 10 acres in the townland of Rahela, approximately 2 Km from Ballyduff Village. This land was bought with the help of shareholders, on behalf of and for the benefit of Ballyduff Coursing Club. Since then immense work has been carried out by our excelent working members, to create a top class coursing field, hare facilities, parking, canteen facilities and spectator facilities.

In 2006 a further 2 acres was purchased, again by shareholders. This allowed us to improve facilities for greyhound owners, trainers and patrons alike.

Now in Slips / Back to Slips

After the overwhelming success of their first CD in 2006, members and friends of the Ballyduff Coursing Club have been back in the recording studio to record their second CD entitled “Back to Slips”. It contains 20 tracks including music, songs and recitations. “Now in Slips” and “Back to Slips” are available for €10 each plus postage by emailing us for further information.